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  • MageComp Order Status in Magento 2 is the option to notify customers as well as the store admin about the status of orders. The order status is decided by its state in the workflow. Let’s see How to Create Custom Order Status in Magento 2 from the store backend.
    August 27, 2020

  • Pelsoftlabs Pel Softlabs is committed to changing the way businesses are run today. Optimizing the output of every minute of your resources and you is vital for the success for your business. This is where automation steps in. Using automation for repetitive work flows not only reduces your time but also eliminates the chances of human error. Now a days, Artificial intelligence has become advanced enough to carry many operations without the intervention of humans and with minimum errors.
    December 7, 2020

  • Lisa Brown [h1]How Tableau Data Visualization Software Helps Enhance Business Performance? [/h1] Efficient business performance is the key to business growth and you have got to enhance it continuously to be strong in your game and stand your niche in the competitive and dynamic marketplace. One way of ensuring that you keep up with excellent business performance is using a business intelligence tool like Tableau Data Visualization Software. Tableau is a data management and [url=]data visualization solution[/url] that maintains and presents your data in amazing visual formats like graphs and charts and makes it easier for you to analyze it and take important business decisions. With such visual data representation, it becomes easier for you to track your operational performance, both individual and overall. With detailed performance metrics available, you can analyze performance issues and work on them to overcome them and further enhance your operational performance with higher productivity and better managed workflows. Besides giving insights into your performance, you can also track the latest market trends and customer expectations and work on launching products and services that meet those requirements and expectations. This caters to enhanced user experience which in turn caters to better business performance. So, with great data analytics through [url=]Tableau Data Visualization Software[/url], you can easily manage your business functions and enhance business performance thereby leading to business growth and success.
    9 minutes ago

  • Frankie Jones Are you not happy with your tattoo? Does it look visually unappealing or brings back unpleasant memories? If yes, go through a laser tattoo removal procedure right away. Before booking the appointment, consider certain essential things. For example, know that it will take months for the design to disappear.
    December 26, 2020

  • Anita Shah XongoLab offers some effectual mobile apps and web development services that serve your business needs and also help to enlarge your business.
    May 13, 2020

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    Jan 12