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Business 92 views Mar 11, 2020
6 Things to Keep in Mind for A Successful Office Renovation

An office renovation is a time of excitement for any business. Even though the headquarters remains unmoved, a renovation still represents a fresh start and a chance to breathe new life over the company’s identity.

The reasons for an office renovation can be many. Maybe you need to make room for the team to grow, or the space simply does not resonate with the company image anymore. Whatever the reasons may be, before you start tearing down walls and floors, there are some things you need to take into consideration. 

Now, I won’t tell you how to completely redesign your office, but the following advice is meant to help you make some changes that will boost employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Maximize lighting, both natural and artificial 

I’m going to start with lighting because I can not stress how important it is for an office space to be well lit up. Employees spend several hours a day in front of a computer, or reading documents. Bad lighting can take a toll on your employees’ eyes, reducing productivity and increasing the risk of developing eye problems. 

Start by installing an efficient lighting system that has just enough light fixtures to illuminate key areas in the office, such as employee desks, common spaces, and conference rooms. 

Another way to maximize lighting is to combine artificial and natural light sources. Consider replacing the windows with some larger ones, to not only bring in more sunlight but also create the illusion of space. It may sound like a complicated process, but the outcome will be worth it. 

If you are not going to replace windows, then consider giving them a thorough cleaning at least, to allow light to pass through. Hiring a spider lift so that your cleaning staff has access to high areas is all you need. 

Include collaborative, as well as private workspaces

If your office has cubicles, now is the time to consider ditching them completely. Employees certainly don’t enjoy being trapped in a cube for 8 hours a day, plus they take up a lot of space. Instead, why not go for large tables that fit 6-8 employees? These will take up much little space and make the place look less crowded. 

If people need to work alone from time to time, either because they need to be on the phone for longer, or they simply need a quiet space, you can also design some individual offices that employees can use. 

Allow people to have the option to work in a collaborative, as well as in a private working space from time to time. This will boost productivity and help maximize the space you have available. 

Consider switching to glass walls

Another great way to make the space seem larger is to use glass walls. You have probably seen this in a lot of offices from movies and TV shows, where they have conference rooms surrounded by glass walls instead of concrete. This gives out the illusion of a much bigger and brighter office space, plus it looks more modern and appealing.

You can also use glass walls to separate an open-space office into smaller office rooms. This way, you get every team working together in the same space, but also provide privacy for each department to work on their tasks. 

Make use of vertical spaces

If you have a small office, why not leave the floor as free as possible and consider installing some shelves on the walls for storage? Wall desks can have drawers and shelves above them, to still maintain the necessary storage space.

If you have a storage room, why not build shelves all up to the ceiling and install a library staircase to access everything? Remember the huge library they had in the infamous TV series, Suits? Now, I know that may take a lot of financial resources to build, but you can draw inspiration from it at least. 

Bring some color into the office space

You may think that keeping everything as neutral as possible when it comes to colors will show more professionalism, but that’s not necessarily the case. Now is a good moment to bring some color into the office and turn the place into something inspiring. 

No, I’m not saying you should paint each room a different color, but an accent wall or some murals should do it. Avoid sticking to whites or grays, as they will only make the office seem more bland. Instead, go for colors such as green, blue, orange or light purple, as they are more subtle, but can turn the space around. 

If you don’t want to paint the walls, maybe go for some interesting wall art? Big paintings, that will brighten up the space, or a plant wall to keep things fresh can be a great option. 

Allow employees to be creative

Even though you will probably take care of most of the renovation process, remember that you are not the only one working there. Allow employees to show their creativity and be a part of the process as well.

Let them personalize their office space to their own likings, let them bring plants, hand up photos on their walls and make the space feel closer to home. After all, they are spending a good part of their day there, so they need to feel comfortable. 

Another way to get them to e involved in the process is to ask for suggestions before the renovation begins. Ask them to come up with ideas and go through the list when making the renovation plan. Chances are, you will see a number of repetitive ideas, which means there are some issues that need to be taken care of. 

An office renovation is a perfect opportunity to not only maximize office space and make the most out of what you got. It is also the moment to let creativity shine and transform the office into an enjoyable place for you, for the employees, and for the clients as well.