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Entertainment 105 views Mar 03, 2020
Celebrity baby shower themes worth stealing in 2020

The most overwhelming part of planning a baby shower is picking a theme for the party. What should you choose when there are so many ideas out there? What does the future mommy want? Should you choose the theme or should you ask the parents-to-be if they have any preferences? 

Do you lack inspiration? The Internet is the best resource to find a perfect theme. And if you want a fancy idea then you should inspire from celebrities because their baby showers are like regular moms-to-be baby showers, except more opulent. But not all of them like fancy things, some choose to be creative and leave extravagant celebrations for Beyoncé. Celebrity mamas are the best source of inspiration for this type of celebration.

Why have a baby shower?

If you are the mom-to-be you may wonder why should you have a baby shower when you are so busy getting the room ready, seeing the doctor, and planning everything for when the baby arrives. The answer is that it’s relaxing and fun, and the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones before your baby keeps you busy 24/7. Parties can relieve stress and anxiety, states you’ll definitely experience before giving birth. 

And where do you count the gifts? Babies need a lot of things and your family and friends are more than thrilled to buy something for the little one. Don’t forget, it’s important to tell them if you prefer pink, blue or gender-neutral items. 

Who should host the party?

The future mom can plan the party, but she’ll probably be overwhelmed with everything she has to do before giving birth, she won’t have time for organizing the baby shower. So, the best solution is a friend or family member to plan the event. Anyone  willing to celebrate the baby can host the party. As long as the mother is happy, it doesn’t really matter who plans and hosts the festivities. 

It’s okay to collaborate with the mother to plan the event because you must find out her opinions and preferences. Even if a surprise party sounds more thrilling, it’s better to tell her what you plan because she is already stressed out with everything she experiences. 

Celebrity baby shower themes everyone loves

Pajama party – for Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are known for their extravagant styles, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like to unwind from time to time. To celebrate the upcoming arrival of her second child, Kim preferred a pajama baby shower because this theme allows everyone to relax and rest. Her pregnancy wasn’t free of stress and complications, so it’s understandable she preferred something chill. The guests filled their stomachs with Girl Scout cookies and hot chocolate. They installed some indoor tents inspired by the Troop Beverly Hills to take some amazing photos. 

And because Kim Kardashian is a true inspiration for her little sister Kylie, when she had to celebrate the arrival of her baby daughter, she chose the same theme. Only this time Kylie hosted the baby shower outdoors and she opted for pink pajamas. 

Meditation, and some CBD oil for Kim Kardashian, again

Kim Kardashian has 4 kids, so she has plenty of experience with baby showers. Her youngest baby girl and boy were born via surrogate, but it doesn’t mean she didn’t freak out at the idea she won’t handle the things with 4 children running around the house. She also thought it’s ridiculous to have a baby shower when she didn’t carry the baby, so she found more fit to throw a party that helps her meditate and relax. And because the baby was soon arriving, she thought the perfect way to celebrate it is to have a little CBD with her friends, to calm down before the storm hits. 

She and her celebrity guests laid on mats, practiced yoga, and used infused oils to get into a super zen state. Did it work? It probably did because she is thrilled to have 4 kids. 

Flowers and bears for Malika Haqq

Malika felt all the love her friends could offer when Khloe Kardashian throw her the baby shower. The event was cozy but lavish because her friends surrounded her with support and love, but they did it on style, with outstanding clothes. For the festive occasion, the Good American Founder chose a cozy theme, flowers, and bears. The venue featured larger-than-life teddy bears, balloons, and nude-colored flowers. 

The baby shower decorations Malika had should be an inspiration for all hosts because they’ll impress every mom-to-be. If you plan a party for your friend fill the room with congratulation flowers, balloons, and animals made from flowers and greeneries. And you shouldn’t forget the cake. No party is complete without a cake. 

McDonald’s for Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is famous for her cooking books, so it’s no surprise that for her baby shower Kim Kardashian chose the McDonald’s theme. A pregnant woman gets what she wants, and Chrissy loved her flowers and McDonald’s food. The mom-to-be got everything from Big Macs to fries because she wasn’t shy to share that she craved for fast food during her pregnancy. 

It’s hard to imagine that Kim Kardashian smells like McDonald’s, but her entire Bel Air mansion did when she hosted the party for her friend. 

Books for Naya Rivera and Joanna Gaines

If the mom-to-be loves books then you should inspire from the book-themed party Naya Rivera, the former Glee star, had. She even had a cake created in honor of the children’s classic story, I Love You Forever

And Naya wasn’t the only one to have a book-themed baby shower, Joana Gaines also has one. Her guests even brought her books to create a library for the baby. We should mention that the celebration was for her fifth child, so it’s understandable that she opted for something more picturesque. The setup was simply adorable, the room was filled with balloons and books. 

Here are our favorite baby shower ideas. What are yours?