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Psychic Development 115 views Mar 02, 2020
Rough Weekend? Check This Unpretentious Pub Hygiene Routine

You’ve heard it millions of time but this is still relevant for many pub owners. Keeping things tidy is the key to success no matter how small your pub might be. No, this will take your neither too much money nor time if you stick with a certain cleaning routine. It’s worth knowing that routines, regardless of their objective are a life saviour, especially for a small business.

Pubs have always played an important part in society, let alone the British and Irish cultures where people gather almost every evening to meet their friends, find new ones and “unwind”. No matter how small, darky and cosy your pub might you should be able to maintain its hospitability and cleanness if want to avoid bad reviews. Here are some basic tips on how to maintain that atmosphere without too many efforts.


Care for the Equipment 

A pub’s equipment lay at the core of your business efficiency. Because this plays an important role, you might need to maintain it as clean and ready as possible for those tough weekends. Bar equipment is highly expensive, so if you can’t invest in new ones, make sure you don’t neglect what you already have. There will always be tons of liquid to pass through the bar, and equipment that will require much attention from your staff. Keeping this equipment up to date and tidy will help you overcome potential expenses. 

A great idea would be to have a reliable contractor for when the equipment fails. He should be able to call or visit you on various occasion to make sure everything goes as planned. When we talk about equipment maintenance, we don’t refer only at the top of the bar but also at the tub and pipes that need to be changed and cleaned often. This can be detrimental for your pub’s efficiency since pubs and beers lines can become very dirty ruining the taste of a great ale. 

Despite everything, it’s unnecessary to provide high-quality beer if that beverage travels through a murky tube. This will require a minimum staff training to make sure you avoid such nuisance and it’s not as difficult as you believe, you’ll only have to pump diluted cleanser through the lines and let it soak for a while. After you’ve flashed out the lines make sure you soak and rinse as well every faucet and tap. This simple routine should be taken seriously after each keg, or at every two weeks. 

Establish A Cleaning Schedule 

It might sound overwhelming for many pub owners but, establishing a quick and efficient cleaning schedule is precisely what your small pub needs to flourish. We’re naturally attracted by tidiness and cosiness, a so small inviting pub at the end of the week where you can enjoy a good ale is more than inviting. To make sure you maintain it so, you should establish a clear, efficient and simple cleaning schedule that everyone can keep up with.

A great idea would be to implement a daily, weekly even monthly checklist for cleaning and maintenance that your staff can strictly follow. Remember, there is no time to lose when it comes to business efficiency so, if you simply can’t keep up with your schedule you can always for aged clear cleaning services available in your local town. 

Check your daily tasks, see what requires attention at the beginning of the day. Usually, daily tasks may include cleaning dishes and other cooking tools, the floor, the tables and so on. Depending on how you’ll build your schedule you may choose to clean the bathroom thoroughly every week, caring for the ducts and more similar tasks, as the monthly routine should include a complete cleaning of your building, assessing your inventory and such. 

Remind Your Employees to Stay Clean 

Since your business will depend on this, you should ensure that your staff remains clean and sanitized to avoid contamination in your facility. It’s well known that a bar or a pub has various contaminants in it, from bathrooms, spilt drink and food resulting in sticky floors, and lots of organic waste form your kitchen, you name it. 

To avoid any type of contamination, there is a simple solution we’ve all heard kindergarten. All your staff can avoid such issues by sanitizing their hand periodically. It would be even better if your staff uses hand-sanitizer after washing their hands. 

Get Rid of the Bad Odours 

Pubs from everywhere are famous for their odours. This is not actually a bad thing since it’s an appealing part of the pub culture to have a strong scent of food and beer. Even though this might be an essential part of the pub culture, it’s worth knowing that not every large crowd who eats and drink in your pub, will leave a pleasant odour.

To avoid unpleasant smells, we advise you to invest in good quality exhaust fans placed in multiple spots so you can ventilate properly after a rough weekend. Also, with so many varieties of organic fresheners, it would be a shame not to use a few for the sake of your business. 

Routine lays at the core of success, and there is nothing that proves otherwise. A pub has never been easy to maintain, no matter how big or small it was. It requires patience, good planning and an efficient routine that will work great for you and your staff. For a great pub efficiency, remember to keep your menu updated, your bar’s fixtures as clean as possible and establish an easy cleaning schedule. Even though this seems very plain, there are many pubs that still neglect simple rules, which makes a huge difference between a successful and unsuccessful small business. Things are easier when you have a dedicated staff and a serious cleaning procedure list that will help you stay on top, so make sure you implement simple, easy to follow rules.



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