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Arts & Culture 2,905 views Oct 24, 2019
Awesome Examples of Holiday Installation Art

Nothing says "WOW", like installation art. What is installation art? It is the use of a large section with a single art display. This can be the size of a whole room, either inside or outside. These are generally the main focal point of a store, museum, or even office building. They also based on an "idea", or "conception" of persons or the company's belief.

Installation art displays are thought to be great marketing ploys, that generally don't cost as much as a traditional marketing plan. Although, these are not truly a marketing plan, a reason to draw people to your establishment, which is, in a sense, marketing. One infamous type of installation art that just about everyone knows about, is the Wall Street bull. Tourists from around the world clamor to get a picture by the "bull".

Another type of installation art is the holiday installation art display. Retailers around the world desire to have the best of the best, when it comes to getting more and more customers to their stores. One such well-known display is the New York City major department store window displays, of which Macy's was the first to start a tradition of. People come from all over the world to do walking tours just to see all the retailer's windows at Christmas.

These displays can also be outside in the main gathering area, such as a park. Another famous display at Christmas time is Rockefeller Center. The enormous tree is adorned with lights, ornaments, and a spectacular piece of art, a 9-foot star made with three million Swarovski crystals set. Leading up to the tree and ice rink are beautiful angels heralding the Christmas season.

Some places set out huge toy soldiers lining the walkways, others scattered giant Christmas balls around, or in a heap. Some have beautiful twinkling stars or huge silver balls. Christmas is not the only holiday where installation art is used. Many stores decorate for every holiday in some sort of theme.

This can be Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. Easter is usually done in the Spring theme, complete with flowers blooming and furry little animals. Thanksgiving has always been done in the Fall theme. it will complete with pumpkins and colorful leaves.

Businesses often have contested a year in advance for artists to come up with ideas for a spectacular display. There will be a designated theme, such as one year, Christmas displays were about the Grinch and Whoville. Artists dig deep into their imaginations, to come up with, "top of the world" displays. Then the trick is getting from their minds to paper, and constructing the display in 3D.

Cities all across the world have jumped on board with the installation art idea. Ocala Florida has large horse statues scattered around the city, all done in a different design, and color scheme. Other cities use bulls, cows, roosters, and more. Whatever the area represents is what animal or theme is picked.

Installation art is meant to draw people in. It is supposed to make you feel good and in awe of such a project. They make you travel from distant areas to see the works of art. It is a bonus to 

businesses that have these displays made, as customers will venture into their businesses to learn more about their products and purchase them too. Next time you visit one of these massive pieces of art, think of the artist who designed it and imagine all the work that went into it. Enjoy!

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