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Family & Home 85 views Mar 19, 2020
Pros and Cons Of Steel Framing Construction

Steel Frames are more popular nowadays in comparison to Timber-Framed construction. The factor of efficiency and durability has a great influence on shifting to steel framing. Steel Framed Buildings are much more stable and efficient to build. However, no matter how popular steel frames are, it has some short sights too. Let us have a comparative discussion about the pros and cons of Steel Framed Constructions.


  •      Impervious to Termites: Steel Framings are not affected by any sort of insects or termites. On the other hand, timber-framed woods are continuously attacked by termites and insects. It is one of the biggest advantages of Steel Framing. 


  •      Resistant to Fire: Steel Frames are fireproof; hence, it has low fire casualties, unlike timber-framing, which itself acts as a fuel to fire. It does not create smoke or any other toxic gases in case of a fire emergency.


  •      Lightweight & Durable: Steel Frames are almost 40%-50% more light than that of timber frames. Steel frames are also more durable. They can handle heavy loads easily; thus, provide stability to the infrastructure for a greater period. 


  •      The shaping of Steels: Steel Frames are easy to cut according to the necessity. They can be done offsite and joined in the construction site. They can be customized according to the need of the infrastructure. 


  •      Resistant to Calamities: Steel Frames can withstand floods, cyclones, and any other natural calamities. The steels are not affected by the flood, unlike timber-frames that get rot with frequent contact of water.   



  •      High Thermal Conductivity: Steel has a high thermal conductivity. As a result, steel can get heated easily, resulting in increasing the temperature of the existing structure. Besides these, the increase in thermal activity reduces insulation; thus, the insulation of the structure may also decrease.


  •      Extra Supplements: Steel Frames cannot stand without any support. It requires extra materials like logs, wooden materials, drywalls, etc. Moreover, steel framing construction requires a bit longer at times. 


  •      Onsite Carving Difficulties: The steel frames are made offsite away from the construction zone. Sometimes, it requires reshaping, which is a hurdle to do onsite in the construction zone. 


The steel Framing System has both good and bad sides. However, It is still a more popular and preferable choice for building modern buildings. Its safety, flexibility, and durability are incomparable in the construction business.