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Health 118 views Mar 02, 2020
Battery usage in everyday life

In the current era, we use batteries almost every day.

Our daily life starts with a battery device. In the age of mobile devices, more and fewer batteries are used everywhere.


The items we use in our daily life, like mobile, camera, portable computer, cordless tools, toys, vehicles, clocks and watches, etc. These devices are battery-operated. Battery usage is immense in this modern age. There are two types of batteries we use every day.



Rechargeable battery and disposable battery


The rechargeable battery is a type of electric battery that can be charged and used multiple times by charging. It is composed of multiple cells. Solar Power And UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the best example of a rechargeable battery.  The rechargeable battery is also used in vehicles. On the other hand, the disposable battery is just the opposite of the rechargeable battery. It is an electric battery made by an irreversible chemical reaction. It can't be recharged. It has to be used once and discard. It can’t be used a second time.  This battery is called a primary cell too, a galvanic cell is a disposable battery, and the best example of disposable batteries is M5070A battery. Cameras also use a disposable battery, and the household items are usually used by a disposable battery. Now we can describe the advantages and disadvantages of the batteries.


Rechargeable battery facility is here below:


  • It can be used multiple times.
  • Dependent on technology.
  • It's environmentally friendly.
  • A battery contains less toxic.


The disadvantage of this battery is that it's very expensive. Otherwise, this battery is very useful. On the other hand, Disposable batteries can't be used more than once, but it lasts a long time, the m5070a battery is a long-life battery that will typically last for four years. That is a good side of the disposable battery. Pencil batteries are also disposed of that we regularly use in various toys. It's less expensive than a rechargeable battery. But the rechargeable battery is more useful for us.


All over, we can say the battery is an important thing that we use regularly. So the artillery should be environmentally friendly. Because It's not okay to use anything that harms the environment.